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About Us

Pelican Bay Capital Management, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor headquartered in Naples, Florida.

Our firm provides discretionary portfolio management services to High Net Worth Families and Endowments through separately managed accounts.  It is our goal to offer professional investment strategies that can be incorporated into your existing investment strategy at a discount to the typical advisory fee.  By keeping more for yourself we believe you can achieve superior after-fee returns.

Pelican Bay Capital Management provides our clients the opportunity to invest in three distinct portfolios, that are each thoughtfully designed to meet the various needs of our clients.  Each portfolio is differentiated from typical investment offerings found at many Financial Advisor's.

At the core of each portfolio lies a disciplined value philosophy.

  • Concentrated Value Portfolio
  • Dynamic Income Allocation Portfolio
  • Phoenix Portfolio

The Concentrated Value Portfolio

invests in a limited number of long equity positions. The strategy invests in the common stocks of high-quality companies that enjoy durable competitive advantages and sound balance sheets. These companies must also sell for significant discounts to their intrinsic values.

The Dynamic Income Allocation Portfolio

is designed for investors looking for income and wealth preservation. This strategy invests in a diversified portfolio of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) utilizing equities, bonds, preferred stocks, master limited partnerships, REITs and other global securities. The portfolio manager allocates investments to the most attractive ETF's with the dual mandate of achieving a mid-single digit income and protection of principle through diversification.  This portfolio is designed to serve as the foundation for most client's portfolios.

The Phoenix Portfolio

utilizes a long equity portfolio that employs a distressed value-investment strategy. Our goal is to take advantage of structural biases against institutional ownership of financially levered companies with low-stock prices. The Phoenix Fund is only available to Qualified Clients.

Pelican Bay Capital Management was founded by Tyler Hardt, CFA in 2018. Mr. Hardt serves as the Portfolio Manager for the firm's three funds.